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We believed that a well planned test strategy can ensure a well designed product can be successfully released and achieve the fullest potential in the market. HTP can apply experiences from a wide range of product test solutions to put the correct test strategy in place. Product technology, component selection, product criticality, and product complexity have been considered when investigating a test strategy. By reviewing relevant characteristics of a product, key test requirements are derived. Then the most appropriate test method can be implemented to achieve a real goal: -- complete test coverage.

  • Co-work with customer for Design for Test in development stage
  • Implemented test procedure developed by customer
  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT) and equipment development 
  • Functional Testing (FCT) at the board and systems levels Systems-level
  • Dynamic burn-in capabilities 
  • Full temperature cycling 
  • Trouble shooting to the component level 
  • Testing procedures and reports 
  • Yield analysis for future defect prevention

In-Circuit Testing Test



  • Auto-Learning and Automatic Program Generation of Open/Short, Pin Information, IC Clamping Diode, Test Jet Technology
  • Allocate defect device and pin instantly
  • High capacity rack design, test points up to 3584
  • With IC Clamping Diode test technologies, can enhance the testing coverage of BGA package

A) Display Color Analyzer CA-210

  • High-speed gamma measurement
  • Support for flicker measurement (using the LCD Flicker Measuring Probe)
  • Capable of measuring luminance as low as 0.1 cd/m2, the CA-210 can be used for gamma correction and measurement
  • Color measurements can be obtained with an accuracy of ±0.002 for white and ±0.004 for primary colors
  • Uses XYZ filters to approximate CIE 1931 Standard Observer

B) Quantum Data 802BT Video Test Generator

  • Pixel repetition test suite
  • 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 176.4 and 192KHz audio sampling rates
  • Generate all EIA/CEA-861-B formats up to 165MHz, with all possible variations
  • HDCP 1.1 support for testing repeaters

C) Audio Precision SS-2722 Audio Analyzer

  • Dual domain
  • Two-channel analog input/output, analog Analyzer and Generator
  • DSP analyzer and generator, plus 192k digital input/output
  • Fast instrument operation and powerful analysis under sophisticated control software
  • Programmatic control for high-speed automation
  • Serial digital interface testing

A) Drop Test

  • Package maximum mass: 100Kg
  • Package Maximum drop height: 1800mm
  • Package dimensions: 840x780x1000 (mm)
  • Drop mode: face, edge, angle
  • Maximum mass of packing 136KG
  • Revised package dimensions 1400x800x800

B) Vibration Test

  • Maximum experimental load: 100Kg
  • Load displacement amplitude: 25mm
  • Maximum acceleration amplitude: 3000mm
  • Vibration direction: circuitous
  • Fixes and maximum experimental load: 136Kg
  • Level of vertical vibration and horizontal vibration +

C) Environmental Stress Screening

  • Programmable temperature machine TE0841

            0 deg C to 60 deg C
         -40 deg C to 95 deg C



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