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Design Engineering

HTP design team provides design services, products, solutions and flexible engagement models to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements.

These solutions include hardware, user interface and mechanical design, PCB design, fabrication and prototyping. This allows us to provide customers with quality quick-turn services for enhanced time-to-market.

We also provide contract design services to meet a variety of customer design needs.

Design Engineering Services  

System Architecture, User Interface and Industrial Design

We help you design and develop innovative and cost-effective products that address the needs of your customers and your market. These services include product definition, analysis and optimization of performance and functional requirements, 2-D sketch level drawings, 3-D mock-ups and proofs of concept, interaction and interface models, detailed hard models and product packaging.

Mechanical Engineering, Enclosure Systems, Thermal and Tooling Design

We offer detailed mechanical, structural, and thermal design solutions for enclosures that encompass a wide range of plastic, metal and other material technologies. Additionally, we provide design and development services for prototype and production tooling equipment used in manufacturing.

Electronic System Design

We provide complete electrical and hardware design for products which includes embedded microprocessor, memory, digital signal processing design, high-speed digital interfaces, analog circuit design, power management solutions, display imaging & audio/video processing.

DFM ,Reliability and Failure Analysis

We provide comprehensive design for manufacturing, test, and reliability services using robust, internally-developed tools and databases. These services are important in achieving your time-to-revenue goals and leveraging our core manufacturing competencies.

Test Fixture Implementation

-ICT test fixture and test program

- Functional test fixture

Laboratory testing services in reliability evaluations

Safety (UL/CE/CB/CCC) and EMC pre-scan using in-house laboratory.

The EMC laboratory is capable of measuring

  • EMC EN55013 Interference Radiation
  • U4 - Interference power at Ant.
  • U5/6 - Interference voltage
  • IT5/6 - Interference radiation
  • IT7 - Interference power
  • I 1 -Electrostatic discharge( ESD)
  • I 2 - Electrical fast transient ( Burst )
  • EN55020 Immunity test
  • S 1- Antenna input resistance
  • S 2 - Flow in resistance



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