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Materials Management

We strive to be recognized as the low-cost producer of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and products, without sacrificing quality, technology or on-time delivery.
We provide efficient and fluent support on technical definition and sourcing of required component and material. The supply chain management works strictly off customer’s approved vendor list and bill of material. When engaged at the early stage of customer’s product development, our supply chain resources can be used to identify cost effective selections of material. Supply chain management and forecasting are control by corporate-wide use of SAP system.

Materials Management System

SAP inventory system designed for the EMS industry

Computerized shortage and bin-inventory reports

Just-in-time inventory for Metal & Packing materials

In-house and off-shore warehousing facilities

100% verification to client's BOM and AVL (Approved Vendor List)

Consigned and customized materials handling

Segregated bins for Consignment part



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